System-based solutions for floor installation and transition to wall mounting.

Order is the key to efficient work. No problem – with our new one Floor bracket BSH, the line bracket TB with the support anchor TA and the Schnabl plug-in clamps, a particularly time-saving floor installation is achieved. The C-Fix clamp is available for further installation on drywall different sizes.

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Schnabl offers smart solutions for laying floors.

New products such as the BSH floor assembly bracket and the STA weft support anchor complete the Schnabl fastening system for floor installation. The popular C-Fix clamp is also the ideal solution for further installation on drywall.

BSH Boden­sammel­halter

For fixing pipes on the inside of plasterboard walls. The C-Fix is also suitable for fire protection walls (from Rigips and Knauf). With the C-Fix clamp, pipes can be quickly and easily attached to drywall - without drilling. The flexible installation tube (hose) is inserted into the C-Fix, the C-Fix hammered in - done.

Product benefits

  •  Time-saving, cost-effective alternative to cable trays and grid trays.
  •  Direct attachment using a bolt-actuating tool or DSN thumb nail.
  •  Any number of BSH can be lined up, so that power and data lines can be connected can separate from each other.
  •  EC Euro clips can be lined up for additional pipe routing.
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STA Schußtraganker

For simple floor laying without perforated tape using bolt-firing tools.

Product benefits

  •  Laying empty conduits on the ground with just one shot.
  •  This saves time and the installation is not damaged.
  •  Subsequent addition of hoses of different dimensions is not a problem.
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Products for floor and wall laying:

Schnabl fastening systems offer many ad­vantages

60% working time savings with Schnabl products

Multiple installation performance:
just drilling and plugging

TÜV tested plastics technology

Tested by KEMA, TÜV and the Institute for Plastics Technology

up to 40 kg pull-out force

Extraction forces
up to 40 kg

Temperature range down to -20 degrees

Temperature range
down to -20°

Temperature range up to + 85 degrees

Temperature range
up to +85°

960 degrees glow wire tested

960 ° glow wire tested on request

UV stabilized

UV stabilized and halogen-free