60% time saving at laying on plaster­board walls.

Regardless of whether you use the Schnabl products for impact mounting or for simple insertion into plasterboard walls. Our products guarantee safe Hold and clean work. Clever ideas for quick and easy installation on plasterboard walls and Fermacell can be seen in the video.

the difference is that it has been tested by TÜV Austria
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Schnabl inspires with new ideas.

Fixing hoses on plasterboard is often difficult and messy. For mounting on plasterboard partition walls, the Schnabl C-Fix and PD panel dowels are ideal. With these two Schnabl products, you can lay the floor without drilling. Another advantage: C-Fix and PD board anchors are also suitable for fire protection walls from Rigips and Knauf.

CF C-Fix

For fastening pipes on the inside of plasterboard walls. The C-Fix is is also suitable for fire protection walls (from Rigips and Knauf). With the C-Fix clamp, pipelines can be attached quickly and easily to drywall - without drilling. The flexible installation pipe (hose) is inserted into the C-Fix, the C-Fix hammered in with a hammer - done.

Product benefits

  •  No drilling. Only a hammer is necessary!
  •  The outside of the wall remains undamaged.
  •  Tight fit of the pipes.
  •  Stainless thanks to chromated steel.
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PD panel anchor

For fastening electrical equipment to plasterboard and Heraklith. The PD panel anchor is Also suitable for fire protection walls (from Rigips and Knauf). Use a hammer to hammer the PD board anchor into the plasterboard or Heraklith wall. When the screw is screwed in, the dowel expands in the wall and thus withstands tensile forces between 40 and 50 kg.

Product benefits

  •  Easy installation.
  •  Stable fastening - high torque forces.
  •  TEasy disassembly.
  •  Virtually no damage after dismantling.
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Schnabl fastening systems offer many ad­vantages

60% working time savings with Schnabl products

Multiple installation performance:
just drilling and plugging

TÜV tested plastics technology

Tested by KEMA, TÜV and the Institute for Plastics Technology

up to 40 kg pull-out force

Extraction forces
up to 40 kg

Temperature range down to -20 degrees

Temperature range
down to -20°

Temperature range up to + 85 degrees

Temperature range
up to +85°

960 degrees glow wire tested

960 ° glow wire tested on request

UV stabilized

UV stabilized and halogen-free

Products for laying on plasterboard/Fermacell

Area Sales Manager Germany East, Mirko Sandhop

For mutual benefit, we maintain trusting and long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers, this creates the economic strength for the profitable further development of our company.

Mirko Sandhop, Area Sales Manager Germany East