The ingenious fastening technology in the Cable laying.

Secure hold for up to 80 sheathed cables (ø 10 mm) with a drilling depth of only 30 mm and can be opened again and again without problems, that is what the SH collecting holder can do 80 HO. More ideas for easy and quick installation of cables and pipes see in this video.

the difference is that it has been tested by TÜV Austria
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Save yourself the installation of cable routes.

The conventional multiple laying of sheathed cables with the help of cable trays is complicated and time-consuming. Move the slider and we show you the big difference between conventional laying of cables on the wall with rods, struts and cable trays and laying cables with the Schnabl fastening system.

Conventional assembly with rods, struts, cable trays

move, compare, be amazed

With Schnabl SH80


The fastening tech­nology from Schnabl:

The fastening element is inserted into a 6 mm drill hole without tools and with little effort. Due to the special Design of the expansion body - eccentric - the fastening element applies largely slip-free under tension and resists thus every load case that occurs in practice. Schnabl products withstand pull-out forces of up to 40 kg.

Schnabl plug-in principle
Schnabl plug principle expansion body
Schnabl plug principle pull-out force

Schnabl fastening systems offer many ad­vantages

60% working time savings with Schnabl products

Multiple installation performance:
just drilling and plugging

TÜV tested plastics technology

Tested by KEMA, TÜV and the Institute for Plastics Technology

up to 40 kg pull-out force

Extraction forces
up to 40 kg

Temperature range down to -20 degrees

Temperature range
down to -20°

Temperature range up to + 85 degrees

Temperature range
up to +85°

960 degrees glow wire tested

960 ° glow wire tested on request

UV stabilized

UV stabilized and halogen-free

Our products for cable laying:

Sales Manager Austria Jürgen Pichler

We are the technology leader with the most sophisticated connector system for fastening cables and pipes the standard for forward-thinking electrical installers worldwide - made in Austria.

Jürgen Pichler, Sales Manager Austria